Munchkin Cat Temperament and Lifespan

It is believed that the Munchkin cats have excellent temperament. They fascinate with their charm and grace. They are very cheerful, never lose heart, full of courage and love company. They retain the character of the kitten during the whole life which lasts from 12-14 years according to some reports.

Some owners of these cats say that they want to become leaders among other cats. They are also good companions for dogs and irreplaceable nanny for children. Even critics agree that all Munchkins are graceful, quick-witted and resourceful cats. They are very friendly and intelligent.

How Much Does a Munchkin Cat Cost and Price Range

Munchkin cat is not a cheap pet to have but it is worth this money as it is very cute and nice. The price for this breed as for any other one can vary from country to country but the average price is from $300 to $500. Its price may vary depending on color and the correspondence to all standards.

Munchkin Cat Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Munchkin cats can be of any color. But in the short and long hair they all look different. The most popular colors of short-haired cats are dark markings on the head, tail, and legs (as in Siamese cats), color-points, as well as a wide variety of drawings. For long-haired cats the most popular colors are silver and smoky.

Males can weigh from 6 to 9 pounds while females are usually from 4 to 8 pounds. According to the standard characteristics their coat can be both long and short, plush similar to the British cats. Their head can be round, of medium size, with high cheekbones. As for the ears they are proportional to the head. Face and nose are of medium length, the neck is short and muscular. The body is elongated, the back can be slightly inclined from the tail to the neck, chest and thighs are strong. The tail is not too thick, its length is proportional to the body. Legs are short.

Munchkin Cat Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Munchkin cats or "cat- dachshund" as it is called by some people because of the short legs of this breed, are really very friendly and sociable. They are always open to dialogue, love to play, even in adulthood and old age. Munchkin cats are inquisitive and agile, sometimes their behavior may resemble a dog.

In addition to getting used to a leash quickly, you won't have any problems traveling with your pet. They get used to new people and premises easily, but at the same time, their character has an almost canine fidelity and affection. These cats get along well with children, sharing all activities. An interesting feature of this breed is that they like carry off the little things and hide them in secluded places.