Make Homemade Christmas Ornaments On Your Own!

It's Christmas soon and everyone is looking for presents for the close people, as well as for the ways of decorating their houses. This article will discuss easy Christmas ornaments which you can quickly and easily make with your own hands. You'll learn to make not only traditional Christmas ornaments like Christmas stockings and candies but you'll be offered a great number of other easy Christmas ornament ideas.

Easy Christmas Ornament #1

First of all, it's necessary to make a list of different items which can be used for creation of Christmas ornaments. These can be holly, miniature Christmas wreaths, mistletoe, the face of Santa Claus, Christmas candles, etc. are a few. Then you need to draw these items on a colored paper and carefully cut them out. In order to make them more beautiful you're recommended to cover these things with specially designed colored gelatin paper. And the last thing you'll need to do is to decorate your Christmas tree with these pieces using threads and ribbons. These will be your first Christmas ornaments. Let's now learn to make Santa Claus crafts.

For this you'll need the following materials: White construction paper 10'' x 10''; Black permanent marker; Red, white and green paint; Blue satin ribbon; Red gelatin paper; Scissors; Sparkle pen or powdered sparkle and Punching machine.


You'll need to draw a Santa Claus on the white paper in order to use the greater part of the paper. Cut this Santa Claus out and color it. To draw outlines use the black permanent marker before or after painting. You can also use any other dark marker for this purpose. Now it's the high time to cover the red surface of the Santa Claus with gelatin paper. For it it's necessary to cut the needed piece of gelatin paper. Draw outlines on the cutout with sparkle pens. Make a hole on the upper part of the cutting and pass a satin ribbon through this hole. Finally, decorate your Christmas tree with this craft t.

Easy Christmas Ornament #2

Children like seeing candies and tiny chocolates hanging down from the Christmas tree. One can also use small-sized colored socks as homemade ornaments. Probably, each family has some unnecessary items at home which can be used as Christmas decorations. Just improve them with colorful sparkling elements. Let's learn to make Christmas Baubles now.

You'll need the following materials: Newspaper, Red and white satin ribbons, Chocolate wrappers of all sizes and colors and Adhesive Tape.


Create equal-sized rolls out of the newspaper and apply adhesive tape from all sides of the balls. Then stick the chocolate wrappers on the sticky surface. There should no newspaper be visible. Then with the help of a ribbon, make a hook in any point of the ball. You can stick two ends of a 1cm ribbon and pass another one through it. Decorate your Christmas tree with these attractive baubles.

Other Christmas Ornaments

If you have no time and desire to draw, make, cut and hang the upper mentioned Christmas ornaments involve your children into this work. Give your children some old newspapers and magazines, let them find pictures of Christmas ornaments, cut them out and hang them onto your Christmas tree. You can use anything of the Christmas theme.

Search for some light items of various sizes and shapes, cover or wrap them with cheap attractive paper. In a few minutes you'll get many beautiful homemade Christmas tree ornaments. Remember that the best easy Christmas ornaments should be made quickly. Buying these decorations can turn out to be rather expensive. So, you'll save much money that can be spent on more important things.

Don't be afraid of experimenting with making decorations for your Christmas tree invent your own designs of attractive decorations. You can go far from the traditional ornaments, you can use anything that looks beautiful. Several examples of inexpensive Christmas ornaments include attractive ribbons, colored paper, small lanterns, etc. you can also use gift paper remaining from which Christmas ornaments can be cut out as well.

So, don't waste time and start making beautiful Christmas ornaments just now. Express all your creativity and imagination and you'll have the best Christmas celebration. Try to use different colors in order to make your Christmas tree more beautiful. Enjoy Your Celebration and Merry Christmas!