Door Latches and Door Latch Hardware

A latch, commonly known as a sneck in Northern England) is a sort of fastener that functions mechanically and is used to connect two or more items or surfaces, at the same time, giving a possibility for these items or surfaces to separate regularly or eventually.

Usually, a latch engages another article of hardware on another surface where it is mounted. Depending upon design and type of the latch, this engaged piece of hardware may be known as a strike or keeper. You should distinguish a latch from the door or window locking mechanism, even though they can be used together in set.

You can find latches in many different types of hardware and other objects. The main goal of the latch is to make two different objects move together not only closely to each other but also move far away without being separated completely. One of the most popular types of latch today is the door latch.

One can choose from simple and complex types of door latches. The first ones are usually made of plastic. An example of such a latch is a plastic case on a toolbox. On the other hand, complex latches are larger and more durable. They are usually made of metal or steel. A metal door is one of its examples.

Generally, there are numerous latches but only some of the kinds are worth your attention. Some of the commonly used types of door latch hardware are screen door latches, security door latches, and sliding door latches. The principle of work of all of these latches is similar but they have somewhat different purposes.

Common types of Door Latch Hardware

Latch bolt: it is used as a part of a lockset having a spring-loaded bolt with a curved edge. When the door is closed, this edge makes it retract. And when the door is completely closed, the spring starts working allowing the latch bolt to completely extend and to hold the door closed.

Deadlatch is characterized by an additional tongue used to prevent the door from wedging.

Spring bolt lock is known as a night latch. It's a locking mechanism applied in combination with a latch bolt.

A slam latch works due to a spring when the door shuts or slams. This mechanism helps to keep the door closed. It's perfect for agricultural, industrial, and construction uses.

A cam lock consists of a cam and a base. The key rotates the cam in the base that does the latching. There are offset or straight cams.

A Norfolk latch is used to keep wooden doors and gates closed. In it the handle is fixed to a backplate without the thumb piece.

A Suffolk latch incorporates a thumb-activated lever and is used to keep wooden doors and gates closed.

A crossbar, known as a bolt, is a simple fastener that consists of a post that bars a door. These latches are no longer used in the western world.

A cabin hook latch is represented by a hooked bar that is attached to a staple or ring that's fixed with nails or screws to a wall or woodwork.

A cabin hook helps to hold the door open, for instance, on ships and other self-closing devices.

Other door latch hardware includes: Bolt lock latch, Rotary latch, Compression latch and Draw latch.

An electronic door latch is probably the most expensive one, but it's worth your money as it offers supreme safety and security to the door. It is operated with the help of a remote. These latches are very strong and hard to break. Besides, they create a signal if being overridden by anyone.

Choose the type of door latch hardware taking into consideration your needs and budget.