Car Floor Mats: Types and Characteristics

Seeing a well-detailed automobile, probably one of the first things we pay attention to is the state of car floor mats, that is how clean and damaged they are. High quality car floor mats are really important for any vehicle as they can prevent tear and wear on one's car's floor. In addition, these simple items are able to raise the trade value of any automobile. Some people don't even pay attention to the mats they have in their car and notice how worn out their floor is only when it is too late. There is really much difference between a vehicle in a super condition and a worn floor.

Car floor mats are available in a few different types. As a rule, they are sold in pairs of four. Their sizes are designed taking into consideration of certain marks of cars. Besides, you may have them tailor made for your vehicle individually. Heavy duty mats are made for such industrial vehicles as tractor trailers which are used for different industrial purposes and require being sturdier.

Well, it is true to say that the main function of do car floor mats is to protect the flooring underneath it, but they are also used for other purposes as well. For example, these mats help prevent your feet from slipping. It is more serious than you may think. When driving, your feet should remain on a solid ground and when you need to press a petal the foot should not slip under it. A good set of car mats are characterized with a high rate rubber backing and are expected to stay in place.

Generally speaking, car floor mats can be either semi-custom made or custom made. The latter ones are made with the purpose to have exactly the necessary size according to the size of the car floor itself. Individuals can choose the color and design to their taste and then order the mats they have created in their mind. Such mats will cost somewhat more but they will be an ideal fit for the car.

Semi-custom made car floor mats have standard sizes and are not made for some specific vehicle. The customer has to choose the one that is the closest to the size of the vehicle floor. They are almost 100% accurate and can be found in many stores. So, any car owner can choose the most suitable option for his or her vehicle. rubber mats that can be removed have become very popular lately. In contrast to fixed car floor mats they are easier to clean and maintain.

Car floor mats can be customized with names, logos, and graphics. However, most of car mats have a universal size and will fit almost any model and make of a car. If you wish to add a bit of flair to your standard car mats, add to them some design details to show off your zest for life and personal taste.

With good car floor mats not only your carpets will be well protected from grime, snow and rain, but your shoes as well. You probably know how unpleasant it feels if you have forgotten to replace your mats after washing them. Your shoes start sliding on bare carpet making it just impossible to drive a car. You're going to scrape the heel backs of your shoes and just damage another pair of your shoes.

High quality car mats will make a difference. You can easily lift up any spills from the mats. Stains like juice and milk can be terrible as they tend to smell and fester. With a good car mat, you will just need to lift it and have it washed.

It's recommended to choose the mats that trap stones and dirt. Those with rubber edges and raised grooves are great for back seats used y children. They'll catch all the food items your child will spill.