Burning Paper Coals Instead of Logs in Fire-places is a Better Choice

Is it better to use paper coals in a fireplace like wood burning stoves instead of old-fashioned logs?

Air pollution and the problem on deforestation are the main reasons why using recycled materials such as paper coals instead of logs in wood burning stoves is very practical nowadays, source elite singles.

Paper coals, as the name implies, are coals made of paper. Any type of paper are shredded to fine pieces and then rolled into balls and are finally dried under the sun for days. This material is proven to be effective and efficient in terms of combustion properties especially in fireplaces.

Logs, on the other hand, are the chief source of fuel since ancient times. Wood stoves use logs and other types of wood to heat homes and offices.

Wood burning stoves, unlike other types of fireplaces, conventionally use logs, since logs are basically wood. Wood stoves require a lot of work since ashes and dust accumulated around the fireplace are always present after each use.

To compare the processes used to prepare the two materials is the best way to know which is easier to prepare for wood burning stoves.

Making paper coals involves ripping, shredding, moulding and drying the paper until it can be used in fireplaces. This procedure may be lengthy but it can produce beneficial results in the environment. It can also reduce the amount spent on logs (if one may buy it) for the wood stoves.

Preparing logs is a man's job unless you are the type of woman that would love to chop woods for the wood stoves. You have to cut it from a tree and chop it according to your preference but must be a size suitable for the wood stoves. Chopped logs are then dried for better performance in wood stoves. Simpler as it may seem, this may prove difficult and time-consuming if done by inexperienced personnel.

Although both materials require a lot of effort to make and prepare, dealing with logs is surely more tiring... or costly for the wood burning stoves. No wonder why people buy them instead of preparing it themselves.

Paper coals, on the contrary, can be done almost by anyone. The way it reduces paper trash by making it as a burning fuel can compensate to the time it may consume in the process of making it. With equal effect on the wood stoves like logs, surely paper coals are much preferable compared to its counterpart.

As what was already discussed, using paper as fuel in wood burning stoves is good for nature, for the cost, for waste reduction. In this time of climate change and global warming, it is necessary to take preventive measures by recycling such as making paper coals.

Unfortunately, using logs and encouragement to use logs is more harmful to the environment because in order to have logs, one must cut either a branch of a tree or worse, a whole trunk. Hydrocarbons emitted by burnt wood in wood burning stoves add to its disadvantage since noxious fumes can more or less harm people's health.

After knowing the properties, ways of preparation, and the benefits to be expected of the two materials, it is correct to conclude that it is more convenient to use paper coals as fuel in fire-places. Paper coals are easier to make than to prepare logs for the wood stoves. Paper coals can also reduce costs and paper waste, which is beneficial to the environment.